Environmental Information

At Forrest Hills we are trying to run our business in line with our environmental values and policy.
Below we outline the particular ways we are doing this in relation to the fishing lake and what you can do to help.

Reducing waste and recycling
What we are doing – we try to minimise the waste produced and recycle when we can. We compost food, paper and green waste on site. Council facilities are used for glass, plastic and coloured papers such as flyers etc.

What you can do – please make use of our recycling facilities or take litter home with you.

Sewage waste
What we are doing – we have septic tanks and a reed bed system to process all sewage waste. We use only natural cleaning products and soaps which are free from phosphates and other possible pollutants.

What you can do – please avoid putting anything into the toilet that might damage this system.

What we are doing – we use local suppliers whenever possible.

What you can do – support businesses like ourselves who are committed to local and sustainable produce.

Reducing energy use
What we are doing – we have reduced the cutting area on the course by planting trees in some areas of fairway and rough. This has reduced the amount of fuel we use in our grass cutting machinery.
Lights in the toilets are low energy. We use cloth towels which are washed here and line-dried.

What you can do – switch off toilet lights when you don’t need them. Help us reduce water consumption by using just the water you need.

Caring for the Forrest Hills environment
What we are doing – we try to manage our environment in a way that supports a diversity of plants and animals.

What you can do – Lots of different groups with different priorities use Forrest Hills so please consider others when using the site.

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